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Sunday Aug 26, 2018

Welcome to Sandhills Community Church!
What is the purpose of SCC?
What are our core values?
What is one passage in Scripture where we find a good description of the gospel?
What does Romans 10:9 remind us?
What is the difference between Moralism and Morality?
Moralism -
Morality -
To what situation is the gospel immediately applied in Ephesians 2:11-22?
How do I need to apply this message?

Sunday Aug 19, 2018

Highlight Reel
1 Corinthians
What are some background details (context) of this letter to the Corinthians?
This letter addresses 6 key areas. These areas are:
1. ____________________
Key Scripture:
Point of Application:
2. ____________________
Key Scripture:
Point of Application:
3. ____________________
Key Scripture:
Point of Application:
4. ____________________
Key Scripture:
Point of Application:
5. ____________________
Key Scripture:
Point of Application:
6. ____________________
Key Scripture:
Point of Application:

Sunday Aug 12, 2018

Final Challenges
1. Challenge to _______________
Why might the Christians in Jerusalem need help?
Parameters for giving:
Each person -
As they may prosper -
2. Challenge to _______________
Why might Paul want to stay for an extended period of time in Corinth?
What adversaries might Paul have encountered in Ephesus?
What might Paul mean when he says “be watchful” (v. 13)?
“Stand firm” (v.13) is a _______________ term.
3. Challenge to _______________
Ways we can apply this message:

Sunday Aug 05, 2018

Secrets of the Kingdom
1. The Secret of _______________
How are our bodies like fresh fruit?
Should we expect our spiritual bodies to have substance?
In this passage, to what does “sleep” likely refer?
Where else in Scripture might we find a reference to a trumpet summoning God’s people?
2. The Secret of _______________
How has death gained its power?
What does God’s Law do for us?
Why is it important to remember that the victory is the Lord’s (v.57)?
3. The Secret of _______________
What is the work of the Lord?
We need to remember that our work is not in _______________.

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