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Entries from October 2018

A Tale of Two Men (Heaven/Hell Series) - Jeff Philpott (10/28/18)

October 28th, 2018 · Comments

Luke 16:19-31 

Is this story a parable?

1.  Two Different ____________________

What do we know about the rich man?

What do we know about Lazarus?

2.  Two Different ____________________

Does the Bible ever describe a place of fire and torment?

Do we have bodies in the afterlife?

Can those in torment see those in paradise?

What are common heresies regarding the afterlife?

3.  Two Important ____________________

Tags: Message · Heaven/Hell

A Picture of Heaven - Jeff Philpott (10/21/18)

October 21st, 2018 · Comments

We might say that _______________ was an echo of heaven.

What will we do in heaven?

Will we live on clouds with harps?

What do we know about the New Jerusalem?

Is heaven like one long church service?

Adam and Eve ate in the garden. Will we eat in heaven?

Adam and Eve lived in a garden. In heaven, won’t we live in a mansion?

What can we learn from "Near Death Experience” books?

What do we need to know if we want to go to Heaven when we die?

Tags: Message · Heaven/Hell

Judges 6 - Jeff Philpott (10/14/18)

October 14th, 2018 · Comments

Judges: Not So Super Heroes 

The Call of Gideon - Judges 6

What do we remember about the “judges”?

1. The _______________

What is the context of this period?

We want to move from regret to _______________.

What does 2 Corinthians 7:10 remind us?

2. The _______________

Was Gideon actually “mighty” (v.12)?

What do we need to remember when we are tempted to question God?

3. The _______________

Why is Gideon testing the Lord?

Is it appropriate for us to test the Lord (i.e., put out a fleece) when seeking His will?

How should we make decisions?

Tags: Message · Judges

Judges 5 - Jeff Philpott (10/7/18)

October 7th, 2018 · Comments

A Picture of Worship 

Judges 5

What is a theme that emerges from Judges, chapter 5?

What is the purpose of song in worship?

What is a good definition of worship?

Is it right to acknowledge God’s people, or their activity, in worship songs?

Is there a difference between praise and worship?

Is there ever room in worship to condemn or mock an enemy of God?

Is there a biblical style of worship?

Is posture (kneeling, standing, etc.) important in worship?

Tags: Message · Judges

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