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Entries from June 2019

Judges 21 - Jeff Philpott (06/30/19)

June 30th, 2019 · Comments

Foolish People- Seeing, Yet Blind

Judges 21

1.  A Foolish _______________

Did this oath come from the Lord?

What should we do when we make a foolish oath?

2.  Foolish _______________

Why is their peace offering foolish (verses 4 & 5)?

Where else in Scripture do we see that the Lord delights in obedience more than sacrifice?

3.  Foolish _______________

Is God to blame for the losses to the tribe of Benjamin?

Why do the Israelites think kidnapping women from Shiloh is a noble way of getting wives for the Benjamites?

According to Judges 21:25, what is the author’s conclusion of Israel at this time?

4.  A Logical _______________

What have we learned in our study of Judges?

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Judges 20 - Jeff Philpott (06/23/19)

June 23rd, 2019 · Comments

Israel’s Civil War

Judges 20

1.  _______________ Israel

What is the moral state of Israel at this point?

What does Romans 1:28-32 remind us about people who don’t follow the Lord?

2.  The _______________ Clouds

How many soldiers turn out for Israel?

What are "convenient edits" from the Levite's story?

What is a caution to God’s people today?

3.  _______________ Demanded

What is the response of the tribe of Benjamin?

What is the difference in numbers in the two opposing armies?

4.  The _______________ Will of God

What tribe is chosen to attack first?

How might the smaller army have overcome the larger?

When it comes to God’s will, we need to remember:

A Lesson for God’s People Today-

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The Battle for Truth 2.0 Deception - Tom Medeiros (6/16/19)

June 16th, 2019 · Comments

Battle for Truth 2.0 - Deception

Colossians 2:1-8 

Recap: Battle for Truth 1.0 - Truth

Nature of Deception

Power of Deception

Deception Today

Deception on the Horizon

Defeating Deception



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The Battle For Truth - Tom Medeiros (6/9/19)

June 9th, 2019 · Comments

The Battle For Truth

Romans 1:18-25 

1. The nature of the conflict

2. What is truth?

3. The power of truth

4. Wielding the truth



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Judges 19 - The Depravity of a nation - Jeff Philpott (6/2/19)

June 2nd, 2019 · Comments

Judges - The Depravity of a Nation

Judges 19 

What does Judges 21:25 remind us?

1. The Depravity of _______________  _______________  _______________

What is a Levite?

What is a concubine?

Life isn’t a series of individual events like _______________, but it’s like…

2. The Depravity of a _______________

This scene is similar to one we find in Genesis 19, with the cities of _______________ and _______________

What horrible compromise is made?

What shapes our view of women in our time?

Nobody is named in this story?  Is that significant?

3. The Depravity of a _______________

How do we change our culture today?

When God is not our king…

What is one practical application for us today?

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