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God’s Love

February 14th, 2010

Read Matthew 10:24-31

1. Looking Like the One we Love.

What does the name Beelzebub mean?

Literally Lord of dung or filth. (Maybe a reference to Satan himself, or another lesser demon)

What is Jesus teaching us by his comment on Beelzebub?

Here’s the contrast - If they’ve called the Master of the House the Dung Master, then what about those who live in the house?

Some have probably wondered, “If I’m a Christian, how can I be treated like this?” The answer is in the treatment of Christ.

2. Speaking of the One we Love

What has been “concealed” and “hidden” that will now be made known (Matt. 10:26)?

Jesus words to his disciples haven’t been secretive, but haven’t all been public. It’s time to go big with this message. We may fear because many don’t agree. They laugh and mock. Nobody wants to feel small. Jesus says, that’s a temporary feeling. One day, no one will laugh.

Church meetings are outworking of this command. Jesus wanted his message in large public arenas. The Disciples expected to have a larger, more public ministry than Jesus. In Acts 2, 3000 were saved in large public gathering.

What does it mean to fear God?

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

This is healthy fear. Think “awesome respect.” Bigger than standing at the foot of Everest or standing on edge of Grand Canyon.

Dad is incredibly loving, AND he’s strict. Don’t break his rules. The rules are to provide and protect.

3. Adored by the One we Love

We think sparrows are fairly worthless, but God values each one. He even keeps track of the hairs on your head. The comparative value of us vs. sparrows & hairs is exponential. We are of incredible value to God.

Some tend to think God only cares about “big” things or “big” people, & wouldn’t care about me.

This passage teaches that God loves us and we should boldly tell others about God’s love.

So if you came here concerned today, wondering about God’s love for you, you need to be reminded that for those in Christ, God loves you very much. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. Don’t worry, be happy.

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