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Allowing for Margin “Don’t Wait for ONE DAY” - Jeff Philpott (4/29/28)

April 29th, 2018

One Day

Luke 9:57-62

What is the significance of “one day”?

What does James 4:13-14 remind us?

If we don’t create _______________ for what’s important, what’s important becomes _______________.

1.  __________ Day  

That day you tell the Lord all of your life is His, he will….

In verses 57-58, Jesus makes no promises of material _______________.

The other side of this is that every day is _________________________.

In verses 59-60, we hear a polite, cultural _______________.

In verses 61-62, we’re reminded, when we keep our eyes on the Lord…

Is there a __________ _______________ holding back my faith?

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