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Judges 13 - Jeff Philpott (02/17/19)

February 17th, 2019

Samson - Trusting God when we don’t see Him

Judges 13

1. Can’t _______________ God and _______________ Looking

What can we expect in almost every transition in Judges?

What don’t we see from Israel here?

What do we learn about Manoah’s wife?

Our trials are a prelude to God’s _______________.

2. See God and _______________ See Him

Even when God is at work, why don’t things always go smoothly?

What do we know about a “Nazarite" vow?

God’s blessing has more to do with His _______________than our _______________.

What is the response of Manoah and his wife when they realize they’ve seen the angel of the Lord?

3. See God and _______________ Him

The name “Samson” means: 

We may not do the things of Samson, but God’s people have been empowered by the Spirit to...

Trusting God in Tough Times…

Trusting God in Parenting…

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