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Judges 15 - Jeff Philpott (03/10/19)

March 10th, 2019

Out of Control

Judges 15

1. _______________ - Out of Control

In this different time and culture, how might the Philistine father be attempting a good thing (verse 2)?

What do we know about Samson’s temper?

God uses Samson’s temper…

2. _______________ - Out of Control

With Samson, for every problem there’s a _______________.

Israelites are living peacefully with the Philistines. But, what was God’s command to the Israelites?

What is the Golden Rule?

3. _______________ - Out of Control

Is Samson giving God credit for his victory (verse 18)?

How does God act in a way we would not expect (verse 19)?

Samson judged Israel for _______________ years.  

Reflections on Samson from this chapter:

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