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Judges 17 - Jeff Philpott (03/31/19)

March 31st, 2019

Anything Goes

Judges 17

How are these final chapters different than the previous chapters?

1. Anything Goes __________  __________  _______________

Did the son steal a significant amount of money?

Why did Micah likely return the money to his mother?

2. Anything Goes _______________  _______________

Where in Scripture do we find a biblical prohibition against making idols?

What is “syncretism”?

What is a warning for those of us that do want to be devout followers of Christ?

Who were the Levites?

3. Anything Goes with _______________  _______________

What is the role of a “priest”?

What does it mean to be ordained to ministry?

4. How do we prevent “anything goes” _______________?



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