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Judges 18 - Jeff Philpott (04/07/19)

April 7th, 2019

Anything Goes

Judges 18

What is the background to this passage?

1. Anything Goes _______________ _______________

What verse in Judges tells us why Dan does not yet have its territory?

When the priest, Jonathan, meets the Danites, what should he have said to them?

What are the aspects of this “new land” that the Danites find attractive?

2. Anything Goes _______________ _______________

Why did the Danites stop by Micah’s house?

What offer do the Danites make to Jonathan the priest?

In what passage does Isaiah mock those who make their own gods?

3. Anything Goes in the Name  _______________  _______________ _______________

With whom does the author seem to sympathize, the Danites or the Canaanites?

Where was the location of worship supposed to be?

4. Anything Goes with _______________?

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