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Judges 21 - Jeff Philpott (06/30/19)

June 30th, 2019

Foolish People- Seeing, Yet Blind

Judges 21

1.  A Foolish _______________

Did this oath come from the Lord?

What should we do when we make a foolish oath?

2.  Foolish _______________

Why is their peace offering foolish (verses 4 & 5)?

Where else in Scripture do we see that the Lord delights in obedience more than sacrifice?

3.  Foolish _______________

Is God to blame for the losses to the tribe of Benjamin?

Why do the Israelites think kidnapping women from Shiloh is a noble way of getting wives for the Benjamites?

According to Judges 21:25, what is the author’s conclusion of Israel at this time?

4.  A Logical _______________

What have we learned in our study of Judges?

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