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Judges 3:1-11 - Jeff Philpott (09/09/18)

September 9th, 2018

Judges: Not So Super Heroes 

Judges 3:1-11

What information is helpful to know about Judges?

What is the “Cycle of Judges”?

1. The _______________ of Israel

Why is God testing Israel?

When we are tested, is it for God’s benefit or ours?

Historically, how did the church misuse the prohibition of intermarriage?

What was the real reason Israel was prohibited from intermarrying with the surrounding people?

2. _______________ - The First Judge

Who was…




How was Othniel unique as a judge?

What does John 14 remind us about our connection with the Spirit of God?

3. _______________ the Cycle

What principle can we apply from this passage?

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