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The Mystery of Maturing (A Case Study for Growth) - Jeff Philpott (12/31/17)

December 31st, 2017

1)  The Right ____________ at the Right ______________

        What two words are recorded in Jesus' brief conversation 
           with Matthew?


        Is this likely Matthew’s first encounter with Jesus?


        After Matthew begins to follow, how does his life change?


        What are key ingredients to discipleship?


2) The ______________ Time

        What are the basic elements of this discipline?


        What is one “warning” that accompanies this discipline?


        What does Psalm 37:4 remind us?


3) Put Your __________  _________  _____________


        You have to _______ _________!


        What does 2 Timothy 2:2 teach?


        What does 2 Timothy 2:15 teach?


What are Steps for Maturing Spiritually?   

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