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Judges 21 - Jeff Philpott (06/30/19)

June 30th, 2019 · Comments

Foolish People- Seeing, Yet Blind

Judges 21

1.  A Foolish _______________

Did this oath come from the Lord?

What should we do when we make a foolish oath?

2.  Foolish _______________

Why is their peace offering foolish (verses 4 & 5)?

Where else in Scripture do we see that the Lord delights in obedience more than sacrifice?

3.  Foolish _______________

Is God to blame for the losses to the tribe of Benjamin?

Why do the Israelites think kidnapping women from Shiloh is a noble way of getting wives for the Benjamites?

According to Judges 21:25, what is the author’s conclusion of Israel at this time?

4.  A Logical _______________

What have we learned in our study of Judges?

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Judges 20 - Jeff Philpott (06/23/19)

June 23rd, 2019 · Comments

Israel’s Civil War

Judges 20

1.  _______________ Israel

What is the moral state of Israel at this point?

What does Romans 1:28-32 remind us about people who don’t follow the Lord?

2.  The _______________ Clouds

How many soldiers turn out for Israel?

What are "convenient edits" from the Levite's story?

What is a caution to God’s people today?

3.  _______________ Demanded

What is the response of the tribe of Benjamin?

What is the difference in numbers in the two opposing armies?

4.  The _______________ Will of God

What tribe is chosen to attack first?

How might the smaller army have overcome the larger?

When it comes to God’s will, we need to remember:

A Lesson for God’s People Today-

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Judges 19 - The Depravity of a nation - Jeff Philpott (6/2/19)

June 2nd, 2019 · Comments

Judges - The Depravity of a Nation

Judges 19 

What does Judges 21:25 remind us?

1. The Depravity of _______________  _______________  _______________

What is a Levite?

What is a concubine?

Life isn’t a series of individual events like _______________, but it’s like…

2. The Depravity of a _______________

This scene is similar to one we find in Genesis 19, with the cities of _______________ and _______________

What horrible compromise is made?

What shapes our view of women in our time?

Nobody is named in this story?  Is that significant?

3. The Depravity of a _______________

How do we change our culture today?

When God is not our king…

What is one practical application for us today?

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Judges 18 - Jeff Philpott (04/07/19)

April 7th, 2019 · Comments

Anything Goes

Judges 18

What is the background to this passage?

1. Anything Goes _______________ _______________

What verse in Judges tells us why Dan does not yet have its territory?

When the priest, Jonathan, meets the Danites, what should he have said to them?

What are the aspects of this “new land” that the Danites find attractive?

2. Anything Goes _______________ _______________

Why did the Danites stop by Micah’s house?

What offer do the Danites make to Jonathan the priest?

In what passage does Isaiah mock those who make their own gods?

3. Anything Goes in the Name  _______________  _______________ _______________

With whom does the author seem to sympathize, the Danites or the Canaanites?

Where was the location of worship supposed to be?

4. Anything Goes with _______________?


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Judges 17 - Jeff Philpott (03/31/19)

March 31st, 2019 · Comments

Anything Goes

Judges 17

How are these final chapters different than the previous chapters?

1. Anything Goes __________  __________  _______________

Did the son steal a significant amount of money?

Why did Micah likely return the money to his mother?

2. Anything Goes _______________  _______________

Where in Scripture do we find a biblical prohibition against making idols?

What is “syncretism”?

What is a warning for those of us that do want to be devout followers of Christ?

Who were the Levites?

3. Anything Goes with _______________  _______________

What is the role of a “priest”?

What does it mean to be ordained to ministry?

4. How do we prevent “anything goes” _______________?



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Judges 16:23-31 - Jeff Philpott (03/24/19)

March 24th, 2019 · Comments

Samson - A Tragic Hero’s Tragic End

Judges 16:23-31

1. A Tragic _______________

Why are the Philistines celebrating?

The backdrop is the _______________.

Where did this event likely occur?

2. A Tragic _______________

In verse 28, Samson asks God to remember him. What does he mean?

By what name does Samson call God?

What New Testament parallel shows a man asking to be “remembered”?

Where do we find the “Hall of Faith”?

3. Avoid the _______________

What can we apply from this story of Samson?

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Judges 16:1-22 - Malcolm Walls (3/17/19)

March 17th, 2019 · Comments

Judges 16:1-22

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Judges 15 - Jeff Philpott (03/10/19)

March 10th, 2019 · Comments

Out of Control

Judges 15

1. _______________ - Out of Control

In this different time and culture, how might the Philistine father be attempting a good thing (verse 2)?

What do we know about Samson’s temper?

God uses Samson’s temper…

2. _______________ - Out of Control

With Samson, for every problem there’s a _______________.

Israelites are living peacefully with the Philistines. But, what was God’s command to the Israelites?

What is the Golden Rule?

3. _______________ - Out of Control

Is Samson giving God credit for his victory (verse 18)?

How does God act in a way we would not expect (verse 19)?

Samson judged Israel for _______________ years.  

Reflections on Samson from this chapter:

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Spiritual Gifts - Jeff Philpott (03/03/19)

March 3rd, 2019 · Comments

Spiritual Gifts

1 Corinthians 12

1.  Gifts of _______________

What does 1 Corinthians 12:7 remind us?

Who benefits from our spiritual gifts, us or others?

What does 1 Peter 4:10-11 remind us?

2.  _______________ of Gifts

What are some of the gifts listed?

Is this list of gifts exhaustive?

What does 1 Corinthians 12:11 remind us?

3.  The _______________ and Gifts

The gifting of those in the church is compared to parts of the _______________.

What is the difference between “public gifts” and “serving gifts”?

What does Romans 12:4-8 remind us?

What are two warnings we should heed with Spiritual Gifts tests?



How can we apply this teaching?


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Judges 14 - Jeff Philpott (02/24/19)

February 24th, 2019 · Comments

Samson - All Things Work Together for Good

Judges 14

1. Samson’s Bad _______________

What is significant about the location of Timnah?

What is the problem with this girl being a Philistine?

What does 2 Corinthians 6:14 remind us?

What does Ephesians 6:1-3 remind us?

2. Samson’s _______________

Is the Lord leading Samson to sin?

What does Romans 8:28 remind us?

God will use Samson’s failure for ______________________________. 

What does Acts 2:23 show us?

How does Samson violate his Nazarite vow?

3. Samson’s _______________

Was this act of violence to liberate Israel?

What was the unexpected result of Samson leaving his wife in Timnah?

What can we learn from this passage?

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